Taylor’s Dance Company promotes an enjoyable & safe environment for all students whilst attending classes. The School has a moral & legal obligation to ensure that, when given the responsibility for young people, we provide them with the highest possible standard of care.

Taylor’s Dance Company are committed to devising and implementing policies so that everyone in the School accepts their responsibilities to safeguard young people from harm & abuse. The School follow procedures to protect young people and report any concerns about their welfare to appropriate authorities.

The aim of the policy is to promote good practice, provide young people with appropriate safety/protection whilst in the care of Taylor’s Dance Company. The policy also ensures staff & volunteers to make informed & confident responses to specific child protection issues. 

-       Make the experience of dance fun & enjoyable whilst promoting fairness, confront & deal with bullying.
-       Treat everyone equally & with respect & dignity
-       Always work in an open environment
-       The welfare of all students comes first, before winning.
-       Avoid unnecessary physical contact with young people. Where any form of manual/physical support is required it will be provided openly & with consent. Physical contact can be appropriate as long as it is neither intrusive nor disturbing & consent has been given.
-       Maintain safe & appropriate distance with students
-       Involve parents & carers where possible
-       Be an excellent role model at all times.
-       Always give enthusiastic & constructive feedback rather than negative criticism
-       Recognising the development needs and capacity of Students & do not risk sacrificing welfare in a desire for school or personal achievements. This means avoiding excessive training & not pushing against their will.
-       Keep a written record of any injury that occurs, along with details of any treatments given.

-       All young people, whatever their culture, ability, age, beliefs, race, gender, should be able to participate in dance in a fun & safe environment
-       Taking all reasonable steps to protect children from harm, discrimination & degrading treatment.
-       Taking all reasonable steps to respect their rights, wishes & feelings
-       All allegations & suspicions of poor practice or abuse will be taken seriously & responded to swiftly & appropriately.
-       All employees of Taylor’s Dance Company will be recruited with regard to suitability. All Employees will be DBS checked & provided with guidance/ training in child protection procedures.
-       Working with parents & students in partnerships to ensure the protection of children. 


Detailed records will be made at the time of the disclosure/concern. It will be confined to the facts & distinguish what is personal knowledge & what others have advised.

Information will include:
-       The students name, age & date of birth
-       The students home address & telephone number
-       Whether or not the person making the report is expressing their concern or someone else’s
-       A description of any visible bruising or injury, location, size etc. Also any indirect signs, such as behavioral changes
-       The nature of the allegation, including dates, times & any other relevant information
-       Details of witnesses to the incidents
-       The child’s account, if it can be given, of what has happened & how any injuries occurred
-       Have the parents been contacted? If so what has been said?
-       Has anyone else been consulted? If so record details
-       Has anyone been alleged to be the abuser? Record detail

All suspicions and allegation will be reported appropriately. It is recognised that strong emotions can be aroused particularly in cases where sexual abuse is suspected or where there is misplaced loyalty to a colleague. Taylor’s Dance Company are not child protection experts and it is not their responsibility to determine whether or not abuse has taken place. All suspicions and allegations must be shared with professional agencies that are responsible for child protection. 


Taylor’s Dance Company will make an immediate decision about whether any individual accused of abuse should be temporarily suspended pending further inquiries.

Irrespective of the findings of any inquiries Taylor’s Dance Company will assess all individual cases to decide whether a member of staff or volunteer can be reinstated & how this can be handled sensitively. This may be a difficult decision; especially where there is insufficient evidence to uphold any action by the police. In such cases The School must reach a decision based upon the available information which could suggest that on the balance of probability, it more likely than not that the allegation is true. The welfare of the students should remain paramount importance throughout. 

Every effort should be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all concerned. Information should be handed and disseminated on a need to know basis only to the following people:
-       The parents of the child
-       Person making the allegation
-       Social services/ police
-       The alleged abuser and the parents if the alleged abuser is a child.
-       Seek social services advice on who should approach the alleged abuser

All information will be stored in a secure place with limited access, in line with Data Protection Laws.


All employees & volunteers will be required to undertake an interview carried out to acceptable protocol and recommendations. All Employees and volunteers should receive formal or informal induction during which:
-       A check should be made that the application form has been completed in full, including sections on criminal records & self- disclosures.
-       Qualifications should be substantiated
-       Job requirements & responsibilities should be clarified
-       Sign up to the organisations Code of Ethics & Conduct
-       Child Protection Procedures are explained & training given. 

-       All staff & volunteers should complete an application form. The application form will elicit information about the applicants past and self-disclosure about any criminal record.
-       Consent should be obtained from the applicant to seek information from the Criminal Records Bureau.
-       Two confidential references, including one regarding previous work with children will be obtained confirmed through telephone contact.
-       Evidence of identity 



-       To undergo a DBS Check
-       To undertake relevant child protection training to ensure their practice is exemplary & to facilitate the development of positive culture towards good practice & child protection.
-       To receive advisory information outlining good & bad practice and informing them what to do if they have concerns about a young person.

In addition to pre-selection checks, the safeguarding process includes training after recruitment to help staff & volunteers to:
-       Analyse their own practice against what is deemed good practice, and to ensure their practice is likely to protect them from false allegations
-       Recognise their responsibilities and report any concerns about suspected poor practice and/or abuse
Respond to concerns expressed by a child
-       Work safely & effectively with children



On behalf of Taylor’s Dance Company, the Principal, will oversee the implementation of the Child Protection Policy and take all necessary steps to ensure it is adhered to.


Niki Taylor