VENUE: St. Benedict’s Catholic College, Norman Way, Colchester.

Sunday 9th June:      Dress Rehearsal- 10am – 4pm
Sunday 16th June:    Dress Rehearsal- 9.30am – 1.30pm
Saturday 22nd June:   Performances at 1pm and 6pm


Over the past 6 months everyone has been working really hard to produce a fantastic show!
We are so excited to show everyone the wonderful routines we have been working on.

This document is mainly for anyone who has a child performing in the show, but also for our Adults who are performing.

We hope the following information will help you to prepare your child/yourself ready for rehearsals and Show Day!
Everyone must complete a Statement of Fitness Form - please scroll to the bottom to complete.

During the rehearsals & show day each group will be described by a colour- we will be introducing the colours into classes over the next few weeks. The group is described by the day of the class they attend and the age group (eg. Mon Mini).


VENUE- St. Benedict’s Catholic College, Norman Way, Colchester, CO3 3US

The venue has two car parks, the main school car park and an overflow car park to the right of the drive on the way in. We will try and have as many signs up to point you in the right direction. Please head towards the Stage Door (the left part of the school) you will need to sign in your child on arrival and we will accompany them to the dressing room. (please note you will not be able to go past this point unless part of the backstage team)




Please find below the full list of dances, the costumes TDC are supplying, any extra items you will need to provide, and the hair style for that dance.

The costumes & items you are hiring from TDC will be at the venue ready for you. You will need to bring the “please provide” section of your Costume Notes to the rehearsals & Show Day- if you are unsure please contact Niki by email.

We sell Ballet Shoes (£6), Jazz Shoes (£12) and Foot Thongs (£6).

Everyone will also need a TDC T-Shirt (£10 to buy, £5 to hire) and bright coloured leggings (please provide) for the finale.

We will be bringing along Shoes & T-Shirts to classes for the next two weeks, or please contact us by email.

Costume List 1
Costume List 2

HAIR & MAKE UP- the fun bit!!!!

All performers (young and old) will be asked to wear ‘Show Make Up’. We will be having professional lighting, and this causes performers to look very pale on stage.
We ask for everyone to wear a minimum of a foundation base, red lip colour, and a little brown eyeshadow to define their facial features. Please feel free to wear more make up including eye liner, mascara, blusher etc. We ask for this to be applied by parents before the children arrive, so you can apply what you are comfortable with. (however, our backstage crew will be available to apply if necessary).

We had many parents who were concerned that their young child was having to wear makeup- please think of this as Face Paint which is only worn for a few hours on three days and taken off very easily. If make up is not worn the stage lighting makes you look very pale and washed out. If child has sensitive skin please let us know.

Hair- Please style as mentioned above. The most important thing is to make sure the hair is off the face, so hairspray, hair gel and kirby grips are essential! If you struggle with hair, please don’t be afraid to let us know and we can do it for you (remember to arrive as early as poss). If your hair style is missing, we will be letting you know in advance. If your/childs hair is too short for the above style, please speak to Niki, usually it will be a case of keeping it neat & tidy.

We will be posting pictures. hints & tips via our facebook group-



Every child must be signed in and out at every rehearsal and performance by a parent or guardian. Please ensure you are carrying ID with you and if you send someone else to collect your child, please ensure you have let us know beforehand.
Please remember our signing in team may not know you or recognise you- the children’s safety is our priority so please work with us :)

If you are running late please TEXT Niki on 07557 041395. We will of course keep the children safe at the venue.
We try and run on time however if we are running late please be patience and bare with us.

Our backstage team are all volunteers- please be patience, kind and helpful at all times.
Our number 1 priority is the children’s safety & happiness.


GROUP 1= Please arrive at 10am- we will start promptly at 10.30am - to collect at 1pm

C- Seniors- Charleston
Red- Mon Minis- Can’t Help Falling in Love
White- Tues Street- Closer
B- Weds Tap- In the Mood
Pink- HM/Yr56SJG- Empire State of Mind
Green/C- Mon Freestyle/Seniors- La la Land
White- Tues Street- Boyband
B-Weds Tap- Anything Goes
Red- Mon Mini- Barbie Girl
Pink- HM/YR56SJG- Don’t Stop me Now
Green- Mon Freestyle- PYT

Please arrive at 12.30pm- we will start promptly at 1pm- to collect at 3.30pm

Black- Mon Contemporary- Lost Without You
Grey- Mon Tap- Respect
Blue- Tues Mini- How much is that doggy in the window
Yellow- Sat Mini- Reach
Purple- Mon Musical Theatre- Johnny B Goode
Orange- Thurs Freestyle/Sat Freestyle- Hot Hot Hot
Blue- Tues Mini- Madonna/Wham
Yellow- Sat Mini- Dambusters
Purple- Mon Musical Theatre- Abba Megamix
Orange- Thurs Freestyle/Sat Freestyle-Tiny Dancer
Grey/A- Mon Tap/Tues Adult Tap- Shot Gun
Black- Mon Contemporary- Children

If you are unable to pick up/drop off half way through the day- please contact Niki asap.

Please arrive with Make Up and Hair ready for your first dance (as listed above). If you need help with hair & make up, please let us know in advance, and please bring clips, hairbrush etc. We will prioritise the children in the order they are on stage.

During this rehearsal, each group with have time on stage with their teacher to rehearse their dances, they will then have an individual photo taken. (If you would like a sibling/family group photos, please let Niki know asap)

We try and stick to the above timings as much as possible however we cannot guarantee your child will be ready at that exact time- we are likely to run over- please be patience with us.

SUNDAY 16th JUNE- Rehearsal 2 - 9.30am to 1.30pm

Rehearsal 2 will be a straight run through of the Show- basically the show with no audience!
During each dance Rob our photographer will be taking Live photography shots and a group shot at the end. We will rehearse the finale at the end :)

Everyone will need to arrive at 9.30am- please remember we are signing in 90 children- so your patience is appreciated. Children will need to be collected & signed out at 1.30pm. Again, please be patience with us- the children are our main priority. If you need to leave promptly please let us know in advance.

On this rehearsal please arrive ready with your hair and make up for their first dance (according to the running order).

We understand our second rehearsal lands on Father’s Day. We do understand this is a special day and we have tried our hardest not to take up the whole day. (least you’re not my dad- he’s working at the rehearsal all day!!!)

You may have told her before but please do this again.



Matinee Performance starts at 1pm- doors open 12.40pm

Evening Performance starts at 6pm- doors open 5.40pm

The show will be 2 hours (including the interval) approximately. The front of house will be open from 12.15pm & from 5pm- there is a cafeteria waiting area, and you can purchase refreshments and order your DVD before the doors open. Please note we can only accept cash.

Please arrive from 11.45am, you must be at the venue by 12.15pm. We would recommend coming with Make Up, and Hair ready for your first dance, or please arrive in good time if you need assistance. If you are helping backstage please go through the fast track lane.

In between the two Shows - we would ask for you to collect & sign out your child. We would recommend arriving at 3.15pm to collect your child if you are not watching the performance. Again, we may not run on time, so please be patience, we will sign out the children as quick as we can. Children can leave their belongings at the Venue.

Evening Show- Please arrive back at the venue at 5pm, you may need to redo hair & make up so please allow time to do this. Children will again need to be signed in. If you are helping backstage please go through the fast track lane.

You are very welcome to stay on site in the cafeteria area & picnic area however we will not be responsible for the children during this time.

If you are unable to collect your children between Shows- please let us know in writing beforehand.

PLEASE NOTE - If you want to accompany your child backstage, you must supply Niki a copy of a DBS before Thursday 6th June. You will NOT be permitted backstage without a DBS.



Please find the Running Order for Dancing through the Decades.

This will be order we will use for Rehearsal 2 & the Performances

We understand there may be a few quick changes for some of the girls dancing more than 2 dances.
We will be having a quick change area backstage & team to help them change.

We would recommend saving and printing the running order and highlight the dances your child is taking part in.

Running Order


We would recommend bringing a named Box- cardboard or plastic- this is so the children can put all their belongings in the box during the day. Please make sure EVERYTHING is named.

Please ensure you have packed enough food & drink for your child for the whole rehearsal/show time. There will be access to drinking water and we will have a small refreshment area selling drinks, crisps, sweets & snacks.

We would prefer for you NOT to include the following items in your child’s refreshments (costumes and the below do not mix well!)

- no chocolate
- no cartons/ cans
- no strong coloured drinks (avoid fizzy, Ribena, blackcurrent etc.)
- no food items containing nuts (we have a child with a nut allergy onsite)

WHAT TO BRING- remember name everything please
- dressing gown/cover up- to wear over costumes- nothing that goes over the head due to hair styles. We recommend an old Shirt or T-shirt cut down the middle to make a jacket, cooler than a dressing gown.
- spare make up
- spare hair ties, hair doughnut, bun net, kirby grips, hairspray, gel
- hair brush
- items on the please provide section- including dance shoes/ shoes
- finale outfit (TDC T-shirt & bright coloured bottoms)
- Packed Lunch, snacks & plenty of drinks
- Games or Crafts (to avoid boredom)
- Medication if needed (to be handed in at sign in desk, clearly named with dosage instructions)

Although the day will go quite quickly, to avoid boredom, please make sure you pack some simple games & crafts. We will be supplying communal games & crafts as well.
- Please do not bring felt pens, paint or glue
- Please do not bring anything you would be upset to loose or get broken (children are children at the end of the day)
- Please name everything

- Please wear white/pale coloured underwear (no bra straps on show, would recommend a clear back/strap bra)
- Please wear wear/ nude underwear- older girls/adults nude thongs are preferably (doesn’t show under costumes)
- Please do not bring anything of value or sentimental value to rehearsals.
- Please no electronic items, phones, ipads, kindles etc.
- Please no strong coloured or staining foods/drinks
- Please bring a cover up/dressing gown
- Please bring a box to store items.
- Games & Crafts- no paint, glue and felt pens
- Please NAME everything (may have said this a few times!!!)

Due to safeguarding we have been advised to not allow the use of mobile phones in the dressing rooms.

We would ask for children to refrain from bringing electronic items (especially the younger children). Older children must hand their electronic items to their chaperone, these will be kept in a box and the children will be allowed use their items at designated times. Please ensure your child’s phone is clearly named.

Chaperones & Supervised Parents- we would ask kindly if you want to use your mobile phone to do it outside of the dressing room areas.

We take the safeguarding and safety of the children very seriously, we will hope you will support us in this decision.

Filming & Photography will not be allowed at performances or rehearsals.

Our fantastic photographer- Rob Sambrook photography will be taking individual, group and live photography during the two rehearsals. If you are missing rehearsal 1, we will arrange for individual photos to be taken during rehearsal 2. Once the photographs are ready, we will provide you with an access code, where you will be able to view and download the photos. Many parents made photo books for the children last year.

We will have Moving Memories Productions filming the Matinee Performance- DVD prices will be £18. You can order DVD’s from Front of House during rehearsals & the Show, or in advance via email. You can pay Cash or transfer to normal account. Many children who performed last time still regularly watch their DVD.

Tickets are available to collect at either Rehearsals. We will be grouping ticket orders by the children’s names.

Taylor’s Dance Company cannot undertake any responsibility for any money or articles left behind or any liability for lost or stolen items.
We recommend bringing only essential items to the Show.
Taylor’s Dance Company takes as much care as possible to ensure a safe experience and environment for all participants. This includes ensuring all equipment; props and dance space are safe for practice and having the appropriate public liability insurance. We have a risk assessment available to view.
Parents & guardians are responsible for letting Taylor’s Dance Company know of any allergies (food or skin related) or medical conditions. We cannot be responsible for claims for injury, damage, or loss if we have not been told in advance.


Statement of Fitness Form

Please complete the below form to comply with safeguarding procedures:

  • please use one form per person/child

  • Adult’s please complete your name in the child’s name section, and put n/a in the parents/guardians section

  • Please provide two emergency contacts where possible, please put n/a if you are unable to provide a 2nd contact.

Name & Relationship to Child Contact Number
Name & Relationship to Child Contact Number
Please note how this may affect your child.
I consent to myself/my child performing in Taylor's Dance Company's performances of Dancing through the Decades, and confirm that my child/ I am in good health & fitness to attend rehearsals & perform on Saturday 22nd June 2019. *