Thank you so much for volunteering to help backstage!! I’m hoping the information below explains what is involved in helping backstage and what you need to do! As part of the backstage team you will be there to help the children get changed, make sure they eat & drink, behave and keep entertained, and make sure they are ready for their time on stage! We all work as part of TEAM- and last year everyone had a great time backstage!! Now the serious bit….

We are required by Essex County Council (ECC) to have a Body of Persons License (BOPA) to ensure children performing are being cared for correctly and not overworked. As part of the BOPA we must abide by the Children & Young Persons Act 1963 and The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014 (available to read if you so wish).

As part of the BOPA we are required to have 1 licensed chaperone to 12 children, supported by Supervised Adults.  At any point through the rehearsals or shows we could have a visit from a Council Appointed Enforcement Agent, to check we are following all the necessary safeguarding and health and safety rules and regulations.

This is a serious matter- if the Council Agent decides we are not following the necessary guidelines the show could be stopped immediately, Niki can personally be fined up to £10,000 or serve time in prison!!

Chaperone Vs Supervised Adult

Chaperone= a licensed chaperone must have an ECC valid DBS and a full ECC chaperone license

Supervised Adult= Is an adult with a DBS. You are not allowed to be alone with children without a licensed chaperone.

Please follow the Flowchart and relating points to work out what you need to do next….

Do I hold a ‘Child Workforce’ DBS Certificate_ (2).jpg

Point 2- ECC Valid DBS

Update Service- please provide us with the following:

-          Certificate Number

-          Surname on Certificate

-          Date of Birth

Please also provide a clear copy of your DBS (please send by email or whatsapp, or bring to class to check)

ECC Issued DBS within 12 Months of Date –
Please provide a clear copy of your DBS (please send by email or whatsapp, or bring to class to check)

Once we have checked your DBS- please go to section 2.


Point 3- DBS – Supervised Adult

If you have a DBS issued by an external company (not ECC) issued within the last 5 years. Please provide a clear copy of your DBS (please send by email or whatsapp or bring to class to check).

Once we have checked your DBS- we will designate you as a Supervised Adult, working alongside a Chaperone. Please provide Niki with a recent selfie style photo (to be used on our Who’s Who page)

DBS evidence-1.jpg


Point 4- No DBS

If you would like to help backstage, you must have a DBS. DBS’s cost £15- which must be paid by you. (as a thank you, you will be gifted a ticket to one of the shows).

To apply for a DBS, please email with the following information-

+Title, First Name, Surname

+Date of Birth

+Email Address.

You will receive an email to complete including selecting documents to confirm your identity (DBS evidence checklist). Please send a clear picture by email or whatsapp and bring the originals to class for Niki to review asap. You will then need to complete some personal details and the DBS will then be sent off to be completed.


Once we have confirmed your DBS, you will need to complete a Chaperone Application Form and provide two references. You must provide the details of two responsible persons who would be prepared to provide references as to your suitability to be a chaperone. Both must have known you for at least two years. At least one of these should know you in a professional capacity. Please pre-warn these people they will receive an email from Essex County Council’s Missing Education and Child Employment Service.

You will also need to provide a passport style photo.

Once we have all the above you will be then issued with a Chaperone License. The only cost will be if you need a new DBS. There is no cost for a volunteer chaperone license.


Please complete the form below with details of when you are able to help backstage-

Please select the DBS option that applies, if you are unsure please email Niki asap.
Please select which rehearsal you are able to help at: *
Please select which show you are able to at: *
If you don't mind which show you watch please tick both- please let me know if you change your mind.


You will not be allowed past the signing in point unless you are a Chaperone/ Supervised Adult/ part of the backstage team. We are not being unreasonable- Niki can get put in prison or fined!!

Please note whether you are a Chaperone or Supervised Adult you will be looking after a group of up to 12 children. We aim to have 2 adults to every 12 children.

We are very much a TEAM backstage- we all help each other out with all the children. We aim to put grown ups with the same class as their own children however we cannot guarantee this. All Mini classes will be changing in the same gym area, so you are most likely to be in the same room. (I cannot guarantee siblings in different groups being in the same rooms). If you don’t mind being split/in another room from your own child- please let me know!

Anyone volunteering backstage will be asked to read over some basic Safeguarding notes, if you are a Licensed Chaperone you will be asked to look after medications for your group, and to know any medical conditions or allergies, and you may be asked to arrive a little earlier than others (10-15 minutes).

Finally- this all sounds a bit scary & intimidating however everyone backstage had a great time helping and majority are coming back to help this year!!!! If you have any questions please email or text Niki & backstage manager Lynn will be happy to come into classes or arrange a meeting to answer any questions :)